Monday, February 28, 2011

Fish Chowder

Cooked Salmon (your choices)
Cooked Mahi Mahi
Cooked Swordfish
Cooked Grouper
Pearl Onion (frozen)
Cauliflower cut in small pieces (frozen) this is in place of potatoes
4 – 5 cups Fat Free Milk
1 ½ cups Mashed Butternut Squash (you can buy this frozen if you like)
3 tablespoons of crushed fresh garlic (I like garlic)

In a pot put a small amount of olive oil and your crushed fresh garlic. Sautees for a few minutes and add your pearl onions, cauliflower and saut̩. Then add about 4 Р5 cups of fat free milk, heat until warm. Add your fish, I cut it into small pieces and made sure there were no bones. ( I used a variety of left over fish that I had cooked in my rotisserie the night before). Cook until hot; make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Add mashed butternut squash, this will thicken the chowder. Cook on low until thick and hot.

Pete was skeptical about this recipe, he loves clam chowder and in his words….”I don’t like diet food” I don’t call it diet….I call it healthy and also Very, Very Yummy!!!