Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I am Thankful for!

As Thanksgiving approaches I find myself reflecting on some of the reasons I am Thankful!

• My 2 wonderful children (that I am so proud of. Both of which are graduating from college in 2010).

• My sweetheart Pete, he makes me laugh and I love the way he holds me so tight!

• My family and friends.

• My Health; being able to lose weight and for the first time in my life being able to maintain the weight loss. The ability to physically do things that I have always dreamed of doing. Being blessed to be able to help others lose weight and get healthy.

• I am thankful for the freedom to my own beliefs and have my own thoughts.

• I am thankful for our Dog; Lucky she is my walking buddy and would protect me from anything or anyone.

• I'm thankful for the Internet. The Internet has opened so many doors for me. Also, sites like Facebook have allowed me to get in touch with old friends and make new ones. And in the way we are all so busy it keeps us connected.

• I am thankful for all the kind people in this world.

• I am thankful to know that God is always with me, guiding me to make the right decisions and showing me how to help others.

• I am thankful for the beautiful world we live in; it amazes me sometimes as to how many different types of plants, animals, butterflies, and even different people there are. We have beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls etc. God really has an incredible imagination!

I know life is not always a rose garden and if it is, there are always some thorns. But if we take the time to smell the roses every now and then, it makes life so much sweeter! Remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so make sure you enjoy today and give thanks for all our blessings.

So, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving,


Friday, November 6, 2009

YouTube video


Check out my video on "Youtube"



Check out my "Youtube" video

Check out my video on Youtube and let me know what you think!!



Monday, November 2, 2009

Comfort Food Really Isn't Comfort is it!!!

You know when you have those day.....when everything is just going wrong. The stress, the emotional ups and downs, with work, (or lack of work) family, friends, etc. So, many times when these things are going on, you just want to turn to that old friend....that is always there to comfort you. FOOD!! It is legal and you can find it anywhere.

Food is so convenient you can drive through somewhere and even eat it in your car when you are running around like crazy getting everything done!!! And know one even has to know you did it!! Except you....then a short time after eating it you feel terrible...usually worse than you did before you ate it! Oh, yes I do know that feeling quit well.

I know you know what I am talking about! This is such a hard habit to I am going through something stressful right now...I did actually think about comforting myself with through McDonald's get something good and greasy!!! Who would know....that little devil sits on my shoulder and tries to temp me all the time...but thank goodness I have that little angel on the other shoulder saying....You know there are better ways to comfort yourself. Call someone who cares, turn on the radio and sing along with one of your favorite songs...loud enough you can't hear the devil!!!! LOL

Yes, even after almost 9 years I am still tormented by those old thoughts. I think I probably will be for the test of my life. However, by practicing good habits and always thinking of alternatives, I am usually very successful at not letting it rule me or my life! I HAVE EMPOWERED MYSELF TO BE IN CONTROL!!!

So, the next time that little devil sits on your shoulder and tries to take control. Knock him off and remember you can be in control too!!!