Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Getting to your goal"

Have you ever had a goal you wanted to reach…?

You put everything you have into reaching the goal…

You work so hard to get to the goal….

You can’t believe how hard it is and all the obstacle you have in your way…

You pray for it “Please God if you could only help me reach my goal”…

You are finally almost their…

You can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel…

It is so close…yet still so far away…..

But you never give up…..

It is taking a little longer than you expected…..

Even though people close to you are thinking you will never reach your goal…

You still pursue it with everything you have…..

Has anyone ever told you that if it was easy to achieve a goal it wouldn’t be so special to you when you reach it?

Just keep your eyes on the prize and never waver off your path and you will see…..

You will reach your goal…..

And after you do….

You will say….

It was all so worth it….


Sunday, April 3, 2011


All my life I dieted....lost a little weight....went off the diet...and gained the weight back plus more!!!!

10 years ago I promised myself I would not fail again!!!

Instead of going on a "diet" I went on a "Lifestyle" change. Altering the way I ate, exercised and even thought about food!! It didn't happen over was my best friend and I truly loved it!!!

But after days, weeks, months and even years I learned I could enjoy food...and even learned how to enjoy healthier foods!!!

It has been a real roller-coaster of a ride to get to 10 years out and I don't weigh 400 lbs. Yippee!!! In the beginning I would think....and pray...."Please God, don't let me gain the weight back"! I really wasn't sure I could do it...I never could before....why would I think I could do it this time???? That was part of the problem before.....I didn't believe in took a long time....BUT I DO BELIEVE NOW!!!! I CAN DO ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TOO!!!! (And so can you!)

The road this far out is not easy...I can eat so much more than I could in the beginning, but I AM NOW IN CONTROL!!!
I know what to do to maintain my weight!

I still do not eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes or sugar.....but I don't even think about it any more!!!

Find what works for you! And do it for a lifetime....and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!!

Sending you much love and success!