Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting back on track

It happens to everyone. We have excellent intentions…..
One week, we are on track, getting enough protein, exercising and getting our water in and the next week, without even noticing, we're not.

Slips happen. The trick is to keep the slip from being a "fall".

1. Figure out what caused the slip.
Are there too many snack temptations – perhaps a bag of cookies on the counter?

Are you taking your protein for granted – thinking that you are doing so well that maybe you can slack off a little? Are you making sure you eat protein with every meal?

2. Change Your Strategy to fix where you slipped. Have a Plan.
If snacking is the problem, find a healthier snack and limit your snacks. Try to makes it a protein snack. You don’t want your snacking to turn into grazing.

If you lose focus on protein, remember how important it is to your weight loss success. It should be the first thing you put in your mouth.

3. Remember that you CAN do it!
Sometimes your mind whispers that maybe you can't do it……You Can! Always believe in yourself…..say it to yourself…..I CAN DO THIS…I CAN STAY ON TRACK….I WILL STAY ON TRACK…..I BELIEVE!!!!!!!

4. Make a Resolution

Making a resolution, combined with a plan, makes you 10 times as likely to succeed! .

5. Get a buddy.
Share your resolution with a friend or family member who will help you keep on track with scheduled reminders. Your buddy's goal can be different from yours. If you tell someone of your resolution it makes you accountable for it.

Remember this is a journey you will be on for the rest of your life….not a destination to a particular weight where you stop your healthy habits and go back to bad habits…..THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE…NOT A TEMPORY DIET.


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