Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Most Amazing thing happened the other day!

OK, the most AMAZING thing happened to me the other day!!!! In a million years I never thought anyone would say this to me!!! And it means even more because it came from a women. I told my boyfriend about it when I got home and he didn’t think it was a big deal. (He has never been obese). I just knew you all will get this and truly understand what it means to a former obese person, when they hear something like this!

First of all I have learned to love my body! It is not perfect by any means I am almost 50, (it is not supposed to be perfect) but even with the imperfections I love my body.….however, my thighs are the part of my body that I wish were better….I always envy women with pretty legs…. And I have been working so hard on mine…..

Understand I was 400 lbs…… and overweight all my life. I carried my weight like a pear…my thighs were huge (as big as some people's waist)….and even with the redundant skin removed…they still were a little saggy….

Well, I was out doing my 4 mile walk/run. Dressed in running shorts and a sport’s top. I past this young lady (she was probably in her late 20’s, really cute…petite girl). I said to her as I past, “I like your T-shirt”! She said to me, “I like your thighs”! I said, “Thank you” and….Oh my gosh….I almost fell in the road in front of on coming traffic!!!!

In my wildest dreams I NEVER thought I would EVER, EVER hear anyone say that! She had no idea what those words meant to me! I would have taken those words over a diamond ring! LOL
I just couldn’t believe it…I almost skipped home!!!! Cars passing probably thought.....who is this crazy lady walking down the street with such a big smile on her face!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

So, you see when we give compliments to people, especially strangers…we have no idea how good it might make them feel!

What are some of the things you are hearing that are blowing your mind!!!!


  1. That is totally awesome! Thanks for the post! You look amazing!


  2. That is totally awesome! Kind words from strangers are often the most meaningful....

    Have a great day! Alice

  3. I so agree with you! That is quite a compliment! And, by your willingness to pay her a compliment and be kind, it opened the door for you to receive one in return! That's how I think too... GMTA.... Congrats!