Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sometimes the "Fat Girl" comes out!

OK, I have been this weight for sometime now. I am very outgoing, confident, happy, secure and self assured, But occasionally the "Fat Girl" comes out! She is the insecure, girl that feels like no one loves her and she doesn't deserve to be loved. Do you remember that person?

For no reason at all, she will start putting 2 and 2 together and think it equals 4. But in reality it doesn't. I can't really explain why I do this, except I am thinking and reacting like "The Fat Girl". In the past she showed up often, it has been a long time since she has come around. I truly hope she will disappear completely. I guess this will just take time. When she comes around I need to tell her to go back where she came from and never to return and not listen to her insecurities.

Thank goodness I have a very understanding Boyfriend who loves me very much and when I allow the "Fat Girl" to come out he assures me I am coming to the wrong conclusions and after I think about it he is right.

It is funny, people think, you lose the weight and life is perfect! They don't realize it is about more than the weight we have to battle. But we take one day at a time and yes things do get better....and yes life is better without carrying the excess weight.

We need to all remember we WLS individuals need each other....because no one really gets us like we get each other.

Much Love,


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