Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breaking a Plateau

I am almost 9 years out from surgery. Everyday, I think about what I am putting in my mouth. I know if I eat too much and don’t exercise I will gain weight. I AM LIKE EVERYONE ELSE (like people who have not had the surgery)!!!!

So, many people have weight loss surgery and think. This is the answer, this is the magic pill….I am sorry to say…..they are so wrong…..initially, yes, the weight comes off pretty easily……but as time goes on….if you have not created healthy eating and exercise habits. You either WILL NOT reach your weight loss goal or you WILL start gaining the weight back.

I urge you during the “honeymoon stage” (the time when weight is coming off the easiest 1 year to 18 months) work your tool for all it is worth. And yes it does come off easier for some than others. And the bigger you are the faster it initially comes off.

This is not a diet!!!! A diet is something you go on and go off and go back to your old habits and usually put the weight back on plus additional pounds. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!!! A change that you will be doing for the rest of your life. I have said so many times….it is not a destination to a particular weight….this is a journey “we” will be on the rest of our lives…..

If you are at a plateau evaluate what you are doing….

Are you getting a minimum of 64 oz in everyday, are you eating your protein first (minimum of 60 grams per day), are you drinking with your meal? (You shouldn’t be).

Don’t graze all day….think about it are you really stomach hungry or are you head hungry? There is a difference and you need to learn your body.

Start every meal with your protein first, then veggies, then fruit and if, only if there is room left eat a starch. I chose not to eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, and sugar. It helps me maintain my weight. These items were my down fall before and I know it so I just don’t go there. I do not feel deprived because I have broken the cravings and there are so many other things to eat. Also are you going to support group? It is very important.

As always, do what your surgeon tells you to do….they do know best….and they know your history and know what you need from your labs.

Remember your body is like a machine…if you eat the same thing every day and do the same exercise it will get used to it and it will plateau. So you have to shake it up a little….change things around…and you will start losing again.

Have you incorporated strength training? If you are not doing this as part of your program or lifestyle, then it's time to start. Working your muscles will help to strengthen bone tissue, increase lean mass and ultimately boost your metabolic rate.

Change your exercise Routine...So you go walking a lot? Then try jogging, or swimming, or cycling..anything that will change the way your body is working. If you are doing low intensity cardio (ask your surgeon first) then try some high intensity exercise.

When I initially had surgery I could not walk on the street because of heal spurs and a bad knee. My surgeon told me if I walked in a pool for 30 minutes it would equal 1 hour on the street. It is a very good workout and you will sweat in the pool.

I want everyone to succeed and feel good about their accomplishments. For me it is not about what I look like….it is about all the things I can do in this body. I am 48 years old and I can physically do things I could not do when I was 25 years old. Life is so good!!!!!

Do the steps you need to be a healthier you!!!! And keep doing them…..your body will thank you for it!!!!!!

Take care,



  1. I really needed this inspiration today!! Almost two months out and I am trying to keep get all my fluids and get my gym time in. This is a total life change and not a diet. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Since the first day i met you at the nutrition appointment, you have completely inspired me with your passion and drive. Though you may not remember i wany you to know that i'm doing great. I'm 4mo post op and 85 pounds down. I'm avoiding breads, sugars, pasta, rice and watch the carn contents in everything. But most of all i'm learning knowledge about how foods effect of bodies. I was walking at week one and by month 2 i'm doing 4-5 miles and glad to say that at 285 pounds i'm jogging:) Small distances but i'm making an effort to push my body out of it's comfort zone. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to help us newbies. I'm doing it, loving myslef more and feeling amazing. Life is so much better.

  3. I am so proud of you!!! It was my pleasure meeting you! I hope you can join us at support group. If you would like to come, please e-mail me

    Keep up the good work!!!